What Drives Optical Sales In 2022/2023

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What Drives Optical Sales In 2022/2023

The world keeps changing every day; your best song in 2021 may not even be on your playlist today. I may still have my 2020 best movie, yeah! Probably in my desktop recycle bin. Guess what? It’s not just us. I bet what your friends liked yesterday may not even cross their minds today. As everything keeps changing, so do the optical sales. 

These things have to because eyewear is more like some part of an individual’s life. Some use it to enhance their sight, while others use it as a fashion statement. So why blame the market change?

Research shows that in 2020, the world eyewear market stands at around $140 billion, and it’s estimated to reach over $195 billion in 2027. Therefore, it is not slowing down anytime soon. However, you can change your strategies to keep up and drive more optical sales. Below are a few ways you can increase your optical sale in 2022.

First Impression Matters

The way you arrange your frame display of floor plan can make some go “Oh my…” or make them go, “Nah, never mind….” But, the fact is, how organized you are, from the floor layout, the lights in your showroom, display cases, and frame boards, can seriously impact your optical sales.

Lightening your showroom is very important. So, 

  • Make sure everywhere goes bright and balanced to flash out your suitable products.
  • Make a clear route for people to browse through your showroom easily. 
  • Let everything be displayed and easy to see.
  • Additionally, your showroom theme matters; make it unique and try to differentiate each of your frame lines. The theme helps put everything together and makes it look more professional.
  • Lastly, how you arrange the frames make your store stand out. Using a single or flat frame is not a good idea to sell more. Instead, use different and unique styles.

Your Staff Speaks for You

It’s either they boost your market or break it, take note: 

  • How do your staff interact with customers, and 
  • How do they connect and use the connection to promote your optical sales?

Sale talent skill doesn’t naturally come to everyone. So, train your staff on how to improve their sales talent skill. There are training scripts and techniques for this skill, and engage them in it. Eventually, this will make them more focused and well-equipped while interacting and responding to customers.

Your staff’s optical knowledge and sales skills can say how professional your optical practice is.


Well, this is more like the key to every successful business. You are halfway there if you make sure that your optical branding is subtle and consistent on marketing channels. Make it easy for your potential customers. Your name, colour codes, and logo should be unique and distinguishable from others. Also, a catchy motto or slogan works well. With a glimpse, they should be able to say, “yes, this is you.”

Marketing is Key

You can’t just have good products and then decide to sit down and expect magic to happen. Marketing your products is more like a gate pass to reaching out to more potential clients. Being active on all social media platforms has been among the top promotion and marketing options in the optical market.

With the number of active social media users nowadays, many customers are found online. You can stay on top of potential customers’ minds by generating consistent promotional campaigns through all social media platforms. It will further help you build new business relationships and boost your store’s visibility. For every platform, use analytics tools to track engagements; this will help you understand the type of posts that work best for you. Also, share the reviews of existing customers to build trust with new customers.

Email marketing is also an opportunity to reach out to existing and new potential customers. It is advised to email your potential customers at least once a month with updates, new products, blogs, or discounts.

Discount Packages

As you market your products, try to chip in discounts. They sell for $100; I sell for $95 or buy five and get 1 for free, or maybe refer 3 people and get 1 for free. You can also go for free on the first repair. There are so many ways to chip in discounts on your product. The hint is that nobody won’t appreciate a good deal. People love freebies.

Of course, discounts can significantly shrink your business if you don’t put a plan in place. So, keep an eye on the number of deals. Adding up your little daily profit will sum up more than some that sold just one or two for a high price.

Paid Ads

Paid ads are never a no-no when it comes to boosting your sales. Through PPC, you can increase your sales and traffic to your optical website. Another massive benefit of using PPC is that your optical shop stands a chance of appearing on popular search engines. Targeted ads help entice your potential customers and keep you on top of the ranking list of the products you sell.

Know your Optical Catalogue

By knowing each frame on your list and the story behind it, you should be able to differentiate between the different types of frames, the colours, and the materials used. Also, these stories and differences will give patients more reasons to connect with your various structures and help you ensure that each frame reaches its full sale potential.

Engage in Observance Days

You should participate in eye-related observance days. These days are extremely beneficial to create awareness, get along with existing customers, and display more giveaways and discounts to boost revenue.

What are you doing to get customers trooping in?

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