What Do Your Glasses Say About Your Personality?

What your glasses say about your personality?

What Do Your Glasses Say About Your Personality?

Your glasses tells a lot about your personality. Personality is nearly all about how a person spends their life trying to express their exterior self. It can be said in different ways like dress attire, hairstyle and certain mannerisms. Wearing glasses has the ability to change or alter the way a person is perceived ultimately. Your face is the first thing a person sees; thus, your glasses personality can determine what kind of impression you will make.

What Your Glasses Says About Your Personality?

Every aspect of our appearance sends out a message to those around us. From the size and shape to the colour and material, your eyewear is sending a clear message. Be sure you’re communicating what you intend to say about yourself. Your glasses personality can be determined by the type of frame, shape, and style you choose to express who you are. Whether corrective lenses, sunglasses, or fashion-only frames, here’s the consensus about what your eyewear style choices say about you.

Acetate Glasses

Acetate eyeglasses

There’s this philosophy about the people that wear acetate frames. They are youthful and carefree. The frames are in a wide range of fun styles and ready for adventure.  Like you, the style is classic, but not concerned with respecting the rules and standing out in its modern reinterpretations. The wearer is an active, devoted person who knows what they want, and they’re not afraid to live for the moment.

An undying staple of coolness, aviator glasses are a favourite among outspoken people who don’t just talk but walk the talk. If you’ve got at least one pair of aviators, you’re the kind of person whose presence is always felt. You enter a room, and people notice, and you usually end up being the life of the party.

Metal Glasses

Metal frames

Metal frames are well suited to traditional white-collar trades such as banking and accounting. Occasionally, it’s stress-free and more contented to sense you are not wearing a frame on your face, and this is the reason to select metal frames. Weighing around the same as plastic frames, these are extremely comfortable to wear all day long, and you can still make the latest fashion statement.


a. They are designed to fit small noses more fantastically.

b. It comes with a soft, adjustable and relaxing nose pads.

These are certainly the best elements used for the wearers having small noses. The nose-pads help keep your spectacles in the right place, and you can easily alter the size according to your need. Metal eyeglass frames look much extravagant as well as stylish than any other material.

This type of eyeglass is fashionable, and if you live where it is quite warm throughout the year, consider buying metal eyeglass as plastic frames can stretch out its shape in extreme heat.

Rectangular-shaped glasses

Rectangular eyeglasses

Rectangular glasses shapes give round faces some contour, lengthen optically and make a face look narrower. Frames should be elegant but not too thin. Avoid round or oval glasses as they will only make the face look rounder.

Facial features for a rectangle face include

  • Longer than Wide.
  • Forehead, Cheekbones & Jawline similar in size.

If your face is rectangular in shape, avoid narrow frames and go for a bold statement style.

Oval-shaped glasses

Oval-shaped eyeglasses

Many consider an oval face the ideal shape because its proportions are balanced, with a narrow forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. The glasses wearer with an oval face should choose frames as wide as or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face. Glasses with detailed embellishments also look great with the high cheekbones typical of an oval face.

Round-shaped Frames

Round-shaped eyeglasses

First of all, make sure your face really is round. The weight doesn’t have to do with how your face looks. Simply being on the chubby side doesn’t mean your face is round. Besides, most people find that their face is never just one type.

However, your face can be in between the round and diamond-shaped, oval and oblong, and so on. If your face’s height and width are nearly equal, or your cheekbones are not very visible, and there aren’t any distinctively angular features, then you likely have a round face!

Aviator-shaped Frames

Aviator-shaped Frames

You are an active adventurer and a risk-taker of an extreme nature. Rules do not hold you back. You live in the moment, and you will not be outdone. This frame style is retro-cool and has been a staple of the bold and brave for decades.

Club Master Frames

Clubmaster eyeglasses

Since the 1950s, clubmaster eyeglasses have been the go-to style for the wearer who prefers an intellectual eyewear silhouette. This glasses style features a thick-rimmed browline and complements the features of a round, oblong, or heart-shaped face. The browline rim adds contrast to this distinctive style and draws the eye. However, brands with clubmaster eyeglasses and sunglasses include Ray-Ban, Shuron, Versace, and Michael Kors.

Features of clubmaster eyewear cover all the bases:

  • Finding a sophisticated, vintage-inspired style with an intellectual edge, or a funky frame that’s updated with contemporary, on-trend details. You can’t go wrong with clubmaster frames—find eyeglasses or sunglasses in this silhouette from Ray-Ban, Persol, Shuron, and the other brands you love.

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