Should You Wear Shades in Winter?

shades for winter

Should You Wear Shades in Winter?

If shades are not among your special add-on, then I’ll suggest you look again. You can’t talk about style in the fashion world without barely including glasses. Nowadays, we often wear glasses for fashion more than for their primary purpose. We almost forget that these shades (sunglasses) are primarily made to protect our eyes. 

Whether young or old, indoor or outdoor, cold or warm, shades always have their ways of safeguarding our eyes. Below are five reasons you should wear your shades in winter.

Safeguard Your Eyes from UV Rays

Are you aware that the sun emits UV rays that are not safe for your skin? Yes? Then, you know that these rays are not safe for your eyes. Excess exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun is a no-no for our eyes, whether during winter or not. It can lead to eye redness, watery eyes and probably itchy eyes. Similarly, the rays boost the risks of eye complications like:

  • Macular degeneration
  • photokeratitis
  • Skin Cancer at the area of the eyelids
  • Pterygium

Well, the risk of having any of the above eye complications alone should be enough reason to not joke with our glasses during the wintertime.

Safeguard your Eyes from cold Air and Dry Wind

Not only can the sun cause harm to the eyes during winter, but the eyes usually get irritated during winter due to cold air and dry wind. This is because they make the tear film in your eyes dry up faster than usual. Also, if you wear contact lenses, you may notice that they dry up quickly during this time of the year. Additionally, cold air and dry wind may contain other elements like dust or other natural materials that could harm our eyes. This can be pretty uncomfortable.

However, with your favourite close-fitting eyewear, your eyes and contact lenses remain moist. Thus, no eye irritations and natural elements to worry about.

For Better Vision

Do you like driving? Do you prefer exercising your legs by walking to a nearby friend’s house or maybe just getting your favourite snack? If you prefer moving out, it doesn’t stop the sun from rising. But, unfortunately, when the sun shines brightly in the winter, the reflection of the sun on snow or in your rearview mirror might cause you to lose sight. 

Lots of accidents out there result from losing sight while driving. But with your favourite shades on, I bet the stunning winter sun won’t have a way or chance to blind your eyes partially.

Shades make you and your Eyes More Comfortable.

Most of the time, we experience eyestrain, which is accompanied by some headaches. Eyestrain is something we can barely escape with only our bare eyes during winter. In addition, we spend much time indoors during the winter, and anytime we decide to go out, the sun seems to be extremely bright. Moreover, our eyes can barely adjust quickly to this bright light from the sun, further resulting in eyestrain and headache.

One of the essential attributes of sunglasses is reducing the light that enters the eyes. Consequently, this will further safeguard your eyes and give them much time to adjust to bright light comfortably.

Good Looks

winter shades for good looks

I’m sure this is among the fantastic reasons you love your favourite shades; because they look ‘wow’ on you. Keeping our eyes safe is essential and popping out the good look in us. So rocking your cool favourite shades to your favourite places during the winter will turn a lot of smiling heads to your face.

Sunglasses go way beyond beach-time and summer. As a matter of fact, there is no season that your eyes need less protection. Every season has its way of affecting the eyes. So when next you are planning for winter don’t forget your favourite glasses.

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