How do I find glasses that fit my child?

You may have just got some startling information about your child's vision, or you may have had one or more children using glasses for some time. However, you've never had a clear understanding of how to choose frames, so you have had to rely on the optical staff's knowledge. Either way, a good deal of how glasses should fit is something every parent of a child in glasses should have. Sadly, it can be hard to find an optical shop with staff training, especially regarding fitting children.

Should I choose plastic or metal frames for my child?

There are lots of choices of frames for children nowadays in both plastic and metal. Plastic frames can be safer for young children, but it is easier to adjust the nose pads on metal frames. Plastic frames can hide a thicker lens. Every child is different, and the best frames for them will differ too.

What labels should I look for on sunglasses for my child?

Children need to wear sunglasses just as much as adults to protect their eyes from UV light’s damaging effects. Look for CE-marked sunglasses that meet British Standard EN ISO 12312-1 to ensure that the lenses offer proper protection.

At what age can children start wearing glasses?

Children can start wearing glasses at any age, depending on their eye issues.

Should children use sports glasses or prescription sunglasses?

Your child may be required to wear sports glasses or goggles for certain activities or sports. If your child must use glasses at all times, sports goggles/glasses and prescription sunglasses may help them succeed and see correctly. You can use your child's current prescription to obtain sports glasses/goggles or prescription sunglasses and add features that will help them see better, such as anti-reflective coating, polarisation, or photochromic (transitions) lenses.

Note: We know you want the best vision possible for your children, but kids grow at the rate, and their glasses will likely need replacing every year. Thankfully, besides the hundreds of options for men and women, Catwalk Eyewear also offers fun glasses for girls and boys.