New Sunglasses Shapes of the Season

New Sunglasses Shapes of the Season

It is not always easy to choose a new pair of sunglasses, considering your face shape, variety of colours and tones of different shapes out there. Looking at all these and more would surely clear the thought that sunglasses are not just small accessories but a great pair that elevate your looks, outfits and style. Whether you wear them with prescription lenses or as blue light blocking glasses to protect the eyes from harmful light or just as a fashion statement; a new modern eye-catching sunglass shape can always give you a refreshing look.

Every season, different eyewear designers from different brands hit us by surprise with new catchy designs. Whether a modernized version of an already existing design or an entirely new shape, you just can’t say no to these creatives.

The brand and styles we are about to dig into will give you the feeling like you have all the power in the world. In other words, these next-level handsome, beautiful and stylish sunglasses will help you glide right into the positive vibe of 2021 and beyond.



Aviator Sunglasses

Popular for decades and known originally as the pilot’s sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses have been loved and are still loved by many eyewear lovers because of the comfort and confidence they provide anytime you wear them. Moreover, different brands create different styles of classy and stylish aviators every season. Furthermore, this style of glasses are being made in different colours and can fit in different tints of your choice.


Gucci Round-frame metal sunglasses

Gucci round-shaped lenses are framed by thin gold-toned metal with an engraved design that adds texture to any possible outfit for any occasion. This modernized, classic chic style contains the Gucci logo on it and also comes with a 100% UVA and UVB protection lens withal.


Big cat eyeglasses

Big cat-eye frames are receiving a rave review this season as well. Also, different brands go into the production of this stylish frame in different styles. It is for women, this feminine silhouette is perfect for elongating the face, emphasizing the cheekbones and the right size always feels comfortable on ones face. In addition, these look at me glasses also adds a certain retro-vintage touch to your style.


Butterfly sunglasses

Women are beautiful like butterflies, and with this sky-high style, they got no limits. Butterfly sunglasses have frames shaped like two butterfly wings. Although the frames can vary in their actual shape and size depending on the brand, their common characteristic is that they are slightly smaller on the inside edge, closest to your nose, than they are on the outside. Butterfly sunglasses are simple and bold.


Fair and square eyewear

These sunglasses won’t go unnoticed and they don’t seem to be going down anytime soon. Due to its simplicity and uniqueness, it goes with everything. With wise counsel, get yourself a pair for everything from sanity walks to backyard tanning sessions.



Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are continuing to make a statement this season. More and more modernized styles keep popping out from different classy brands and offers an elevated feel. The frames are best for summer because they offer full protection from sun rays.

enhancing the looks the look by investing in styles with luxurious neutral tones. like rich browns and blacks, for. Practical and trendy. these frames are ideal for the summer months, offering full protection from the sun’s rays.

Which of the new sunglasses should I this season?

This year’s sunglasses have wide options for you to make your choice, so why don’t you challenge yourself and get yourself awesome pair of sunglasses for your outfit this season.


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