Lens Tints and Prescription Glasses

Lens Tints and Prescription Glasses

In today’s world, safety glasses come with an endless mixture of features from frame style and colour to lens tints and safety standards. Lenses vary in materials and treatment capabilities. Frames come in even more great combinations while the lens tint is sometimes confusing; how dark lenses are?

Most individuals feel the darker the lenses, the more effective they are, but doctors have considered these assumptions false. How dark or light your lenses are doesn’t determine their advantage in blocking harmful UV rays, but rather the coatings applied to lenses.

Lens tints are now a trendy option among eyewear wearers. There is a range of colours and upgrades, so, choosing the best lens tint mostly depends on the environment. These tints give you unique and individual styles, they are also used medically for some patients.

Importance of Lens Tints

The importance of lens tints is visual acuity, your ability to see an object through the lens and with precision. Each lens tint relates to a specific issue the wearer may encounter. The lens tint is essential because it helps control VLT, which can cause discomfort and pain with overexposure. It also helps optimise performance, provides better visibility, and increases eye comfort. In addition, lens tint reduces eye fatigue, minimises colour distortion, and maximises visual clarity .it also protect eyes from blue light and improves vision in low light conditions.

Prescription lenses.

Prescription glasses are spectacles lenses to match your needs precisely. It is customised and more accurate. Prescription lenses are used to treat almost every related to vision, including myopia, presbyopia, and many more. Prescription glasses are made of high-quality material and have a more comprehensive set of options. The lenses are powerful; before you can get any prescription lenses, you need to undergo a series of vision tests.

Prescription glasses can be reused if your prescription alters. The glasses are centred in front of your eyes with the PD (pupillary distance ), where RR is centred in the middle of your frame. Both lenses have the purpose of aiding vision problems. They are unique and have their benefits.

Lens tints and prescription glasses

Lens tint may have started as just a fashion statement. With time, you can now get your prescription lenses tinted. It involves creating a new pair of lenses instead of applying the tint to your already existing pair of corrective lenses. There is a huge choice of lens colour for your new prescription lenses. The most common colour tints for prescription glasses are brown, grey and green.

Grey tints are the most versatile. They can be worn on sunny and cloudy days and are very good at protecting your eyes from glare.
Brown tints are also great at reducing glare by softening the contrast between the bright sky and the horizon. Ask your optician when next you are getting a new pair of prescription lenses for the variety of colours you can go for.

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