How To Wear Rectangular Glasses

Rectangular Glasses

How To Wear Rectangular Glasses

Hey, what big occasion are you having? Is it a job interview? Add a rectangular glass to your suit. Or is it the wedding of a particular person? Add rectangular eyewear to your jumps. Parties, dinner, special occasions, or just a day out? Still, rock on your favourite rectangular glasses. It seems like they are a good option for almost every occasion, well, that’s because they are.

Rectangular glasses have a way of popping out that bright and intelligent look in an individual; even some of the most brilliant colleagues in school or at work mostly wear these fantastic styles of glasses. Also, they have the most likes among eyewear lovers, and you can quickly tell that it is because of how versatile they are.

Before you grab your wallet or card to buy yourself a pair of this fantastic eyewear, you should know what they are, what they look like, and which face shape they fit most.

Rectangular Glasses And Types of Rectangular Frames

Rectangular glasses are wider than they are tall. Though plain and straightforward in structure, it is a masterpiece design guaranteed to elevate your everyday look to a whole new level. Rectangular frames are trendy, as they are loved by many. Additionally, there is a wide range of different types, from the material to the lenses. They are available in;

  • full-rimmed, 
  • semi-rimless, 
  • and rimless frames. 

Furthermore, both prescription and regular lenses fit just fine in these frames. Undoubtedly, there is a rectangular frame for you, irrespective of your lifestyle.

Does Face Shape Matter?

Yes, of course, it does. This is the first step in getting a new pair of glasses. Know your face shape and the glasses that fit you most. But guess what? Rectangular frames fit on almost every face shape. Below are the variety of faces it fits and how it works like magic on these faces.

Round-shaped face

The height and width of this face are equal, and it’s smooth on the edges. A rectangular frame makes this face look a bit longer and adds sharpness to the smooth edges.

Diamond-shaped face 

As the name suggests, this face is rare; it entails wide cheekbones with a narrow jaw and narrow forehead. Rectangular frames work splendidly on this face. They soften the sharp angles of the face. Also, frames with high temples widen the narrowed part of the face, making the eyes look broader and more balanced.

Oval-shaped Face 

The face is balanced, with the chin narrower than the forehead. This face is a favourite to almost all glasses because it is neutral. Rectangular frames soften the long looks and add more balance to the face. 

Triangular-shaped face 

Broad jaws gradually narrow towards the forehead, that’s a triangular-shaped face. Rectangular frames on this type of face help add structure to the narrowed part of the face, making it look more balanced and in line with the broad jaw.

It’s funny and sad how people with rectangular-shaped faces can wear rectangular frames. The face is long with angular edges, so the frame doesn’t contrast with the face, which it should. 

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