How To Fix Scratches On Your Glasses.

How To Fix Scratches On Your Glasses.

Removing scratches from glasses is key as scratches on your glasses could give you headaches. Every eyeglasses user must have scratched their glasses on several occasions in their lifetime. Either you might have accidentally dropped your glasses many times while bending or kept improperly without a case in your handbag or pocket. Of course, the reason could be any, but scratched glasses are like nightmares for eyewear users, especially those using prescription glasses with high power lenses.

However, Everyone who wears glasses will eventually find scratches on them that can impair the wearer’s vision. Many of these can be fixed with relatively little effort, depending on the scratches. You may be able to avoid costly new lenses.

Scratched lenses can be difficult to see through, but fortunately, these scratches can be fixed. Keep your glasses clear and free of blemishes in these few steps.



You do not require any expensive toothpaste. All you need is non-abrasive and non-gel-based toothpaste.

  • Put a dollop of toothpaste on the scratched area of glasses and gently rub it in soft circular motions using a cotton ball or cloth.
  • Keep rubbing in small circular motions for a few seconds and see the scratches vanish.
  • Now, rinse the eyeglasses in clear cold water and pat dry with a clean cloth. 
  • If the scratch persists, you may repeat the process.


Baking soda is another reasonable solution to get rid of glasses’ scratches through things available in our kitchens.

  • Take one spoonful of baking soda and mix it with half a spoon of water to make a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste on a glass surface with scratches, and with the help of a cotton ball or soft cotton cloth, rub the area in a smooth circular motion for 10-20 seconds.
  • Rinse the glasses under cold water and wipe them off with a soft cloth. Repeat the process if the scratch is still there. Moreover, using baking soda is another easy, cost-effective, time-saving, and perfect method to ward off hard scratches.


 This is meant for polishing vehicles and is a great option to mend scratches on the glasses and the plastic lens.

  • The vehicle wax should be applied to the scratched area of the glass by cotton wool or soft cotton cloth.
  • Softly rub the area after that, until the scratch disappears.
  • Clean the glasses with a soft cloth.
  • The Vehicle cleaning wax fills in the scratches and removes them easily.     

The Vehicle cleaning wax fills in the scratches and removes them easily.


Brass, silver or metal are another set of products that can be used on plastic frames to remove scratches.

  • Firstly, a small amount of polish should be applied to the scratched part using cotton wool or soft cotton cloth.
  • Secondly, rub it for a good few minutes, after which the extra polish should be removed from the lenses with a clean, soft cloth.

This remedy should not be tried on lenses, as it may harm the coatings. Because it is a time-consuming and expensive method, that is why not many people will try this.


The best plan of action is to prevent scratches on your glasses. This starts with knowing the best practices for care.

  • Don’t leave eyeglasses in the car. This is a common mistake many patients make because they dont know that high temperatures can destroy the various coatings on the lenses, such as anti-reflective coating and scratch-resistant coating. Damage to these coatings will cause the lens to look cracked or crazed.
  • Keep a microfiber cloth handy. Invest in a microfiber cloth and an optometrist-approved lens cleaning spray to clean your glasses correctly.
  • Always clean your glass carefully, and don’t use household cleaners or paper cloths to clean their surface.

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