How to Choose the Right Eyeglasses Frame colour?

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How to Choose the Right Eyeglasses Frame colour?

It’s one thing to choose the right frame colour that suits your personality, skin tone and hair colour. It makes you feel better!

“People will stare, make it worth their while” – Harry Winston

It is one thing to start wearing glasses, either prescribed or because of a personal preference.

When choosing frame colours, we mostly go for neutral colours; black, brown, and call it a day! However, even brown and black have different shades! Just like personalities differ, so do our taste and style. Furthermore, it shows in what we wear, including eyeglasses frames. Some people go for bright pastels at first pick, while others run towards the neutral or subtle colours. The question is, is there a right way or a standard way of picking frame colours? I do not think so! There could be few things to consider whilst you are at it. Delighted with your choice at the end of the day and, most importantly, look ELEGANT yet coordinated. Some of the few things to help you navigate frame colours are first your personality, then skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour. Yes, Eye Colour!

Your Personality in choosing a Frame Colour

Your Personality in choosing a Eyeglass Frame Colour

There is no right or wrong in picking the right frame colours, as long as you feel beautiful, confident, and bold in what you are wearing. To know you are picking the right frame colour for yourself, you have to know your personality well! This makes your choice of colour easier and satisfying. You can pick a lot of colours from bold colours, soft colours, pastels, and classics. As we know it, the world is evolving so fast, especially in fashion. Therefore, you see many different multi-coloured framed from different brands and different designs. And if you are someone like me, choosing at first glance can be quite daunting if you agree.

Eyeglasses frame are statement piece that you most likely wear every day, so it is only normal that you pick a colour that works well with your everyday look! Another important point to look out for is skin tone and hair colour. Fashion experts advise picking subtle colours when you have a lighter skin tone and a light hair colour. However, if your personality and style speak boldly, you can pick whatever colour suits you. Just remember, it is about your FIRST!

The second thing that you can consider when picking a colour is skin complexion and sometimes your wardrobe. We sometimes tend also to acquire different colours to avoid looking awful. That way we can change to any colour that suits our outfit or even moods. If that is within your budget, I will say go for it, get all the colours you want!

Your skin tone

Skin tone is the most diverse and beautiful part of people. Skin tones are either neutral, warm, or cool, and every skin tone has an undertone. The best way to pick a frame colour using skin tones is by knowing your skin’s undertone. Someone with a neutral skin tone has something I call the “lucky” skin tone because just about any frame colour works for them. It will also be good to keep it neutral regardless of the undertone. However, when aiming for an everyday look, you should have an extra bold colour eyeglasses frame for that special day.

Warm skin tone has golden undertones, which go well with bold colours, such as red, orange, and yellow. Cool skin tone is the last skin tone, with pink as an undertone. Cool colours go well with people having this skin tone; silver, blue, green, or even clear colours.

Hair colour in choosing a Frame Colour

Using hair colour to choose eyeglasses frame depends on the vibes you want to go for or how much of a statement you want to make. Our choice of frame colours makes us look coordinated or gives us a bold look.

Black hair combined with darker coloured frames gives off a sophisticated look but, it does not mean you cannot go for contrasting bright colours. This will make you feel confident, draw attention and look bold! Do not forget. Your personality is what matters first. Your face is about the first and longest part of your body people see and communicate with.

Therefore carefully picking out what colour you put on it is not a waste of time. Your eyes speak even before your mouth does, so take your time.  A blonde hair gives off a neutral look when combined with warm frame colours like brown or beige, and for a statement or fun look, I would say bright colours of your choice would do the trick.

An Auburn/Brown hair combined with dark frames complement each other, and you can decide to go for pastel colours like burlywood, mint, beige, or sienna, which will give a statement look.

Eye colour in choosing a Frame Colour

Deciding to pick a glass frame to match your eye colour also involves either an everyday look or a statement piece. Neutral looks that go with the neutral tone in your eyes are a good way to start, while going for contrasting colours are sure to give you that statement you are looking for!

From Blue eyes to Green, Hazel, Grey, and Brown, an everyday look means you pick frames of matching colours with your eyes. It gives off a subtle calm look that will go with most likely every outfit, hairstyle, colour, and even skin undertone. If you want to pull off a fun look or a statement look, bright colours should do for greys, bold colours like green, orange for brown and blue eyes, while green eyes need a complementary colour like red or gold. That will surely make your eyes pop and, at the same time, give a statement look.

An Iranian proverb goes,

“The eyes can do a thousand things that the fingers cannot.”

Be careful when picking your frame colours, take your time, and always ask for another opinion.

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