How To Choose Sunglasses For Winter

Choosing sunglasses for winter

How To Choose Sunglasses For Winter

How Do You Choose Sunglasses For Winter?

It is cold, it can be dark, it can also be white, what is that? Winter! Yeah, winter is cold on a norm. So, we close everywhere possible and indoors get dark while outdoor is full of white snow. What else can you think about winter? Oh! Your eyes of course; eyes need protection during this time of the year. Though the eyes are to be protected all year round the winter season requires ‘extra protection’.

The eyes need extra protection during this time of the year. Apart from the sun, you also have dry air, UV rays, glare, sun reflection (on snow, side-mirror and other metals), grit and other particles carried by wind to worry about. That’s a lot, right? The good news however is that you can tackle all of these with a pair of protective eyewear.

Sunglasses should not be stuck in your wardrobe until summer. Your eyes need to spend a lot of time with sunglasses during winter. You have more than just the sun to battle with during winter. But the question is: How Do You Choose Sunglasses For Winter?

Well, read on to know the simple tips for choosing the best sunglasses for winter. 

Ensure They Cover The Entire Eyes

At this time of the year, the sun sits low, there are lots of reflections from the snow, metal objects, and glare. So, make sure the pair of glasses you are getting is big enough to block out any form of glare and reflection. Also, if the glass is wide enough, it’ll prevent wind and other elements from reaching your eyes; no dry eyes or red eyes to worry about.

Polarized or Non-Polarized

Do you often spend more time outdoor? If yes, a polarized lens that covers your entire eyes is all you need. These types of glasses contain an internal coating that prevents UV rays from reaching your eyes. A polarized lens is the type of lens that you need not only in winter but in every season of the year. Therefore, ensure you get a pair this season. Generally, during the winter the sun stands much lower than other seasons, making it more dangerous to our eyes.

Dark or Light Lens Tint?

Well, I’d say a lens with 100% UV protection, any lens that doesn’t offer UV protection is not worth your awesome eyes.

Depending on what you spend most of your time doing, if you want to use the glasses for winter sports, you should consider green or grey lenses because they produce the best contrast.

If you spend most time indoors, you should go for a yellow lens because it provides better lightning in low light environments.

Black lenses are best known for reducing glare and eye strain, so if you’re going outside, get yourself a pair of black lenses.

Different lenses have different uses and powers. So, make sure the one you’re going for is the right one for your occasion.

Suggested Brands

We tend to get lost within tons of brands out there. Thus, knowing which one to choose during winter may not be easy. But some brands have been doing a great job for quite some time, keeping up with the latest designs and technology. I’m talking about the almighty Rayban, illustrious Oakley, great Prada, stunning Maui Jim and many more. Brand names are really important. Therefore, don’t just go for any unknown brand, protect your eyes with a well-known trusted brand.

With just that, now you know how to get the perfect eyewear for winter. It’s that simple! So, buckle your shoe, keep your jackets tight, rock on your favourite hat and go get yourself a pair of winter eyewear. Your eyes will appreciate that!

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