How To Safely Clean And Store Your Eyewear

How To Safely Clean And Store Your Eyewear

One way of keeping your glasses fit includes cleaning them on regular bases. It is irritating to put on your glasses with dirt stuck on the lenses; first, you won’t see clear through it and second, it can lead to eye strain and headache.

But then, cleaning glasses has gone way beyond cleaning the lens with a clean cloth. Some glasses are designed so that just a piece of cloth won’t be enough to clear all the dirt, while for some, a piece of cloth can leave scratches on your lenses.

Sometimes we tend to focus on only the lenses and leave out sensitive spots like the rim, nose pads and ear clips, while they also need to be groomed.

Below is a guide on how you can safely clean and care for your glasses:

  • The first step is to maintain a clean pair of hands, free of germs because the most straightforward way you could transmit germs to your glasses is by touching them with dirty hands.
  • Second, mildly run the whole glass under tepid water to eliminate stains and any kind of germs.
  • Third, use a drop of soft soap or lotion-free dishwashing liquid and softly rub every part of your glasses for just a few seconds.
  • Rinse the glasses with lukewarm water, make sure all scraps and relics of soap are rinsed out and gently shake off the glasses to get rid of excess water.
  • Finally, clean it off your glasses with the germ-free microfiber handkerchief that usually comes with the glasses. A cotton towel will work just fine if you don’t have any. So there you go, your sweet glasses are as clean as new.

There are, however, some mistakes that numerous people make while trying to keep their glasses clean. They end up making them dirtier or even leave scratches on them. These mistakes feel and look right, but you are hurting your glasses.

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Below are some common mistakes you should avoid when handling your Eyewear:

  • Do not clean your glasses with saliva. It always looks like a good idea to lubricate the lenses of your glasses with saliva when you are desperate to see them clean, but saliva doesn’t make your lenses clean at all. Instead, you may end up adding more germs to your lenses.
  • Any product containing acetone is a no-no! The mistake of using acetone products like nail polish remover to clean glasses is common among eyewear users. Well, this is quite harmful to your glasses.
  • Not every material is suitable for cleaning. Some materials could leave scratches on our lenses. Use fabric that comes with your glasses when you first buy them.

How to Store your Glasses

When it’s time to remove your glasses, do you just throw them into your bag, drawer or car? Just like they need to be cleaned with care, they also need to be stored with care. Following the appropriate procedure to keep them clean but not storing them properly may still lead to scratches or breakage.

Almost every glass comes with a hard-shell case. If yours didn’t come with any, you could purchase one at any eyewear store. Whenever you are not using your glasses, store them in the case. Otherwise, place them on a clean surface and ensure the lenses are facing up.

If you’re going out and they happen to not be on your face, put them in the zipped pockets of your school bag, briefcase or handbag to keep them from falling.

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