Choosing your Frame Size

Choosing your Frame Size

On almost every possible piece of eyewear in the temple are 3 mini-sized numbers, each separated with a dash. These three numbers are the exact measurement of your frame.

The first number from the left is the lens width, the bridge width in the middle then the temple length is the last number.

The Lens Width

The first number is the size of each lens horizontally. The range of lens width falls from 40mm to 60 mm.

Bridge Width

The second number is found inside the arm. It is the distance or gap between the two lenses. This section that connects the two lenses is measured in millimetres and usually falls within 13-25 mm.

Temple Length

Usually ranges from 135-145 mm; the third number is the temple or arm length, which is the length of what connects the lenses to your ears and keeps the glasses on your face.

In some glasses, there happens to be the fourth number. This number is the lens height.

Lens Height

Length width is the horizontal size of the lens from edge to edge. Lens height is the vertical diameter, top to bottom. Every brand has its specific measures depending on the styles, but they usually fall within 31 and 39mm.

But if you can’t find any number on your glasses, you can use the local measuring skills. Know that all four digits are measured in mm. A ruler or tape will work fine in measuring your frame.

How To Know The Size That Fits Your Face

Female customer deciding for glasses of different shapes and colours

Face shapes differ. The size that fits an individual with a square-shaped face must not suit someone with a diamond-shaped face. Furthermore, the frames vary based on the brand and design.

You should know your face shape and the style of glasses that fit. For example, the perfect frame width should be wider than your face but not too wide because that will only make your face appear narrow.

If you have wide eyes, pick a frame with a wider bridge. Go for a high bridge number but if your eyes aren’t that wide, then better choose a lower number until you find the number that comfortably fits.

In picking the right size of lens width and height, go for one that centres your eyes within the lenses. Make sure that the temple length fits right behind your ears, not too far behind and not too short to be uncomfortable. If you find a frame that fits the above guide, it’ll be easy to know the numbers that best suit you when getting a new pair next time.

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