Cat-eye Glasses: True Styling

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye Glasses: True Styling

If you still see glasses as a necessity, I think you should consider including cat-eye frames from your list. Cat-eye glasses have grown from grandma characters in movies to our favourite young icons. Have you ever seen Rihanna or Katy Perry’s looks in a pair of cat-eye frames? True styling right?

Rihanna wearing Cat-eye glasses

Well, I get the fact that you think “it looks good on them because they are celebrities”, but I’ll tell you no. You can achieve true styling with cat-eye glasses as well. With the right pair of cat-eye frames, you can never look negative. These glasses are beyond amazing, and with the right pair, you’ll look dashing.

And I guess today is your lucky day. Below is everything you need to know about cat-eye glasses and where they fit best.

Cat-eye Glasses Styles

  • Rimmed
  • Semi-rimless
  • Rimless

Colours that Match

There are a variety of available stunning colours out there. Thus, it could be hard to choose the right colour for the right occasion. Well, I can’t list all the occasions on your list, but I can tell you the favourite frame colours and where they fit best.


Black is a unique colour that fits almost everywhere. Whether shoes, jewellery or handbags, I bet you have like 2-3 black accessories in your wardrobe. Add a black cat-eye frame if you don’t have any.

A black semi-rimless cat-eye frame 

Does this sound like a cocktail party? Be it social or with just a couple of friends, this style works well for a cocktail party. A Black semi-rimless frame has a way of popping out that sassy look in someone. Thus, making it a good option for romantic dates or just grabbing dinner with someone special. If your dress, shoes, bag, and jewellery are checked then, all you need is a pair of semi-rimless cat-eye frames.

Are you ready for your next big job interview? Are you looking for a way of appearing more smart and intelligent? Then a black full-rim cat-eye glasses like “Clifford” is all you need. Its design is modest, it looks classic and will go well with your suit and jumps. Speak of first impressions! Also, a cat-eye frame like the black Cheshire is a good option for a cocktail party or Clifford for just a casual day out.

Light Colours

A few examples of light colours include white, soft pink, carol orange and probably a rimless frame.

Did I hear wedding bells? Are you the wedding guest? Then let me pick the right frame for you. Pink! Not just any pink, cat-eye soft pink. This frame will go well with light colour fabrics dresses or gowns. Wow! Let’s hope you don’t steal the shine of the newlyweds.

If black colour gives the best taste for cocktail parties, then white is the best for dinner parties. With the proper suits and a white pair of rimmed cat-eye glasses, oh my! You are assured to steal everyone’s attention. Also, if a black semi-rimless cat-eye frame works well for romantic dates, then white full-rimmed aren’t left out either.

Tortoise Cat-eye Frame

Boldness and subtlety? Look nowhere, tortoise frames are the ones for you. This type of frame colour has evolved into something exceptional. There are different colours of tortoise cat-eye frames that will work like magic on you. Some of which include purple tortoise cat-eye frame, Yellowish-orange amber tortoise cat-eye frame and red tortoise cat-eye frame. There are more than just that, but these are among the few that look exceptional on special occasions.

tortoise Cat-eye glasses

For weddings, parties or any occasion, where you want to pop out that cosy warm look of yours, go for a tortoise cat-eye frame. Even with light makeup and simple dressing, the right pair of tortoise cat-eye frames can win you the best appearance.

There are so many more amazing colours and stunning designs that may take us all day to talk about, but just before going for any of those, the main question is “will they look good on you?”

Well, cat-eye glasses are versatile, so to keep things short, yes, they will look beyond amazing on you.

Round-shaped face

 A full-rim works best. Go for thick ones as their thickness will compliment your soft face.

Triangular-shaped face 

This type of face entails a broad jaw, so it goes well with almost every type of cat-eye frame. The angular edges of the frame will make your face look balanced.

Square-shaped face 

This face looks pretty balanced. The top edges of the frame make it look sharp and more balanced.

Oval-shaped face 

There is barely a frame that doesn’t fit this face but oversized cat-eye frames work best for this face

Heart-shaped face 

Cat-eye frames look nothing below sweet on this type of face. Also, the frame pops out the prominent part of the face. Tortoise colours work best for this type of face.

In the world of eyewear, Cat-eye glasses are close to having no limits. As they rhyme with fashion and special occasions, they also go well with prescription lenses. Maybe you should consider talking to your optician about this option the next time you get a new pair of prescription glasses.

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