Best UV Protection Glasses

UV Protection Glasses

Best UV Protection Glasses

Beyond beach time, good smart look UV protection glasses are more than just fashion accessories. Above all, after boosting that look in us, they further protect our eyes from harmful lights and other natural elements.

Generally, excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause damage to your skin and eyes. As a matter of fact, the eyes are about 10 times more sensitive than your skin. These harmful UV rays can increase the risk of developing certain eye complications like cataracts and macular degeneration.

On that note, when shopping for eyewear, make sure the UV 400 label is there. This is quite important because these glasses block 400nanometers of wavelength. Similarly, they block harmful UVA (ultraviolet A-rays) and UVB (type B ultraviolet), from the sun up to 75% of 90%.

Importance of UV Protection Glasses

Usually, the initial reason you wear glasses is to safeguard your eyes. Glasses with UV protection help your eyes in more ways than we think, some of which are: 

  • Reduce irritation of the eyes
  • Prevents sunburn of the eyes
  • Shadesthe eyes from sun-related problems
  • Reduces frequent migraine caused by sunlight
  • Prevent dust, sand, snow, wind and other natural elements from reaching the eyes
  • Counteracts severe headache caused by sunlight

Best Eyewear Shapes for UV Protection

Aviator sunglasses

Although glasses of different shapes come with UV protection, you surely want something that will give you 100% protection. Consider going for any of these shapes when buying UV protection glasses.

  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Cat-eye sunglasses
  • Round sunglasses
  • Wayfarer sunglasses

Brands That Offer Best UV Protection Sunglasses


Oakley is a brand known for its combination of sporting and fashion sunglasses. Oakley has been dominating the glasses industry for over some time. Also, its sporty frames give a good vibe and offer a wide coverage with 100% UV protection. Oakley sunglasses contain high-tech polarized lenses and are among the top choices in fashion and sports.


Prada is a type of sunglasses you can’t say you’ve had enough. Its glasses come in tons of colours and shapes. Also,  Prada glasses are attractive, classy and refined. What else; UV? Well, most of its glasses offer 100% UV protection. No wonder this brand has been a constant favourite for most eyewear lovers. Prada top-class styles like the Ornate and Postcard Sunglasses are among the trending eyewear right now. Similarly, these styles also offer 100% protection against harmful UV light.


A brand is known for putting a combination of bold and beautiful in single eyewear. Gucci brand is among the top ratings in styles and fashion. Some of its unique styles like the 

  • Aviators, 
  • Gucci sensual romantic sunglasses 
  • And the Gucci web sunglasses give you a classic look and make you stand out from the crowd. 

Well, not just style and fashion, most of its sunglasses also offer super coverage with 100% UV protection that guarantees safety for your eyes under the sun.

Tom Ford

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Daniel Craig are known fans of Tom ford eyeglasses. This brand keeps stunning the fashion industry with its very unusual unique styles. The Marko Aviator Sunglasses by Tom Ford remain one of the best-selling sunglasses in 2021. The style offers wide coverage, comes in different colours and it sure offers 100% protection against UV.


You can’t talk about eyewear of any category without including the legendary Ray-Ban. This brand offers 100 UV protection in almost all of its glasses. Ray-ban aviators have been an iconic design for decades and don’t seem to be going down anytime soon. Another popular style by the brand is the Ray-Ban wayfarer classic. The style is strong, bold and comes in different colours. Also, Ray-ban is loved by many, including celebrities.

Maui Jim

This is a brand that never disappoints. Anytime they drop a stylish sunglass, it trends for quite some time. Some of its famous styles like 

  • The stunning ‘Summer Time’ polarized cat eye sunglasses for women 
  • And the ‘Barrier Reef’ polarized wrap sunglasses for men are a YES YES. 

Your eyes would love to taste some Maui Jim glasses as they come in different colours and offer 100% UV protection.

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