Best Safety Glasses For Women

safety glasses for women

Best Safety Glasses For Women

Safety Glasses for women!

The primary aim of glasses is to protect our eyes, whether from harmful light or other elements. So, if an eyeglass doesn’t safeguard your eyes, trash it. It is not worthy of your treasure (eyes). But some glasses are prepared for more complex situations. 

Think of places like construction sites or maybe DIY projects. There are higher risks of so many things reaching the eyes. As a result, there’s a demand for more protection.

Safety glasses are picked based on durability, comfort, quality, and what their lenses have to offer. Below is the list of the 6 possible best safety glasses you can get out there and what they have to offer:

Elvex Avion SlimFit

safety glasses for women

This safety eyewear is available in a variety of frame and lens colours. It has unique rubber-tipped temples and a soft nose bridge that adds comfort to its user. Also, variety of colours plus convenience. Isn’t that catchy enough? Well, the most crucial part is safety. These glasses guarantee 99% protection against UV. Furthermore, its VO ballistic is impact resistant at about 640 feet per second. Wow! That’s like four times the usual ANSI standard. It has a high market by the military; why? Because it was set to U.S Military standard MIL PRF-31013.

3M ZT200 Safety Eyewear

These rectangular-shaped lenses by 3M go beyond what it is meant for. It gives extreme protection in hazardous environments. Additionally, it comes with integrated side shields, thereby providing additional protection for its wearers. Moreover, you can have a variety of prescription lenses fixed into this frame.

Bouton Eva

I love the name ‘Eva@, do you? Then, you may want to hold on to these forever. This eyewear is a good option for several women because it comes in different types. So if you need bifocals, you can get a pair from this fantastic eyewear. Not just that, it is also available in the standard as well as the petite. But, the difference between the standard and the petit is that the standard is a bit thicker, making the standard version a perfect option for ladies with a thick facial profile.

Both types have key features of polycarbonate lenses with 99% protection against UV. They are rimless frames, which means no obstruction from any angle. Also, it has a rubber-padded temple and a nose bridge that adds comfort and gives it a more secure fit.

Titmus SW06E Safety Glasses

safety glasses for women

If you are into industrial or engineering work, you may want to have a good look at this. This eyewear is made explicitly for occasions where eye hazards may be present. It has no metal at all, it has a trogamid nylon, its nose pads are adjustable, and its dust dam can be removed or replaced. This amazing eye guard is fell-rimmed and has side shields that are highly impact resistant.

Bolle Baxter

safety glasses for women

You can’t look at this eyewear without a “wow” winking in your brain. They are waterproof, foam-padded, 100% protection against UVA/B, and have anti-fog plus anti-scratch coatings. That alone is safety at its peak. The Bolle Baxter is known for being a safety glass that could easily be transformed into a goggle. Also, it’s high-impact polycarbonate lens that guarantees protection against dust and liquid splash. 

Moreover, it has a wraparound frame suitable for every weather condition.

Cougar CF Women Cycling Eyewear

And this is what I call “the early morning bird.” Probably because the morning time usually is the best time to have some exercise whether running or cycling. That is the initial purpose of creating this fantastic gadget; guard your eyes while you exercise. Its lenses feature a UV400 filter and have curve edges that cover the eye from every possible angle.

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section.

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