Best Lens Tints for Your Glasses

lens tints

Best Lens Tints for Your Glasses

Why do we wear different lens tints; grey, brown, yellow, rose copper? Well, as we all know, one of the primary aims of wearing sunglasses is to protect our eyes from the sun. The lens is a piece of transparent material usually circular in shape, with two polished surfaces. Also, a lens has the essential property of forming images of objects situated in front of it.

The lens tint can sometimes be confusing. For example, most individuals feel the darker the lenses, the more effective they are. However, that is not always the case. Experts have proved that these assumptions are false. Why? Because in blocking harmful UV rays, the coatings applied to lenses are what matters and not how dark or light the lenses are.

Lens tints have become a trendy option among eyewear wearers with various colours and upgrades. Some people choose lens tints based on the environment, while some are due to medical issues.

Importance of lens tint

The importance of lens tints has to do with visual acuity. That is, your ability to see an object through the lens and with precision. Each lens tint relates to a specific issue the wearer may encounter. Also, the lens tint is vital because

  • It helps control the visual light transmission (VLT), which can cause discomfort and pain with overexposure. 
  • It also helps optimize performance, hence providing better visibility.
  • Protects eyes from blue light, reduces eye fatigue, increases eye comfort, minimizes colour distortion and maximizes visual clarity. 
  • It also improves vision in low light conditions. Wow, what could be more significant in eyewear!

Best Lenses Tints Option for Your Glasses

  1. Yellow /Amber lens:
    Provides excellent depth perception, perfect moderate to low-level light conditions [76-86%VLT]. Do you engage in tennis and cycling? Well, this is the best tint for you.
  2. Green lens:
    I can’t name a better tint for outdoor activities. Green lens tint reduces sun glare and brightens shadows. Also, it preserves colour balance and is suitable for rainy and sunny seasons.
  3. Red/pink lens:
    Enhances depth perception and reduces eyestrain by up to 28- 48%. Red/pink lenses come in handy during the snow. Also, they are the best eyewear for snowboarding/skiing and racing.
  4. Blue/purple lens:
    Enhances contours, removes sun glare, and improves colours perception. If you are a hockey or cricket player, this is the tint for you.
  5. Dark/brown lens:
    Improves colour contrast, red element enhances depth and also blocks a high amount of blue light. For golf activities, dark or brown lenses are your go to.
  6. Grey/black lens:
    Provides accurate colour perception and reduces sun glare, eye strain. It also reduces glare from artificial lighting by about 50- 65%—best activities: driving and baseball.
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Special lenses

Tinted, mirrored, polarised, and photochromic lenses offer some unique options beyond a single shade and colour choice. While not suitable for everyone, many also consider these options invaluable.

Welding shades

lens tints for welding

Welding shades come with specific instructions since light radiation from welding can permanently destroy the eyes. Therefore, every welder must have filtered lenses for eye protection.

Polarized lenses

Another notable option is polarized lenses. Polarized lenses help prevent light glare from hitting you directly in the eye. Moreover, polarized lenses are a great choice if you are looking for crystal clear vision. They are specifically designed to reduce glare and improve the clarity of your vision.

Mirrored lenses

Mirrored lenses are created by a coating applied to the outside of lenses. These are lenses with a reflective optical coating that reflects light away from your eyes. Thus, decreasing the amount of light that passes through the lens. Mirrored lenses come in various colours, such as gold and silver. Moreover, they reduce glare, provide a brighter field of vision, and hide your eyes from those around you.

Photochromic lenses

A photochromic lens is a type of optical lens that darkens when exposed to high-frequency light, most often ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In the absence of activating light, the lenses return to their clear state. These lenses adapt to changing light conditions automatically. Glass, polycarbonate, or another plastic can be used to make photochromic lenses.

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