Best Lens Tints Colours For Spring/Summer

sunglasses with different lens colours

Best Lens Tints Colours For Spring/Summer

Lens Tints Colours

Let’s play a game. I’m the hottest but most fabulous time of the season; which season am I? Yes, Summer, you got it!

Are you wondering what’s cool about summer? If you love ice cream, summer is the most incredible time to enjoy your favourite flavour. A fantastic wonder about summer is that the Eiffel Tower grows during this time of the year because the heat of summer has an impact on its iron. 

We could go on and on about how fantastic summer is, but let’s save it. 

However, you’d agree that summer is hot. This time of the season varies from others; the weather, how our entire body reacts, and how we see things. The sun is at its peak during this time. Thus your eyes need protection. 

Our eyes need protection from harsh UV and other elements of summer. How?

You can get yourself a pair of sunglasses, not just any sunglass, the right pair of summer glasses. But, it’s not that easy to decide the lens colour to go for. So, read on to explore the best lens tints for summer.

Grey Lens Tint

This is like the celebrity among summer lens tints, more like a Dwayne Johnson of lens tints. It is trendy and the most common among tints.

Why grey lens tints? 

  • It is the darkest tint option.
  • Also, grey lenses let minimal light through them compared to other lens tints.
  • Colours are at their most real shades when viewed through this lens
  • The best option for light-sensitive individuals
  • It goes well on bright, sunny days

And the above features make grey tint a good option for bright, sunny summer days. Plus, it is a unique tint that goes with almost every frame colour, and with a variety of stunning summer frame colours, there is no limit to a grey tint.

Yellow/Amber Lens Tints

If you have any low light activity during the summertime, this option is for you. Additionally, these lens tints are best when you want to boost your sight’s contrast and depth perception. They eliminate glare and blue light rays. So, no need to worry about haziness. Therefore, they are best for indoor sports, night driving, hunting, etc.

Moreover, if you are less light-sensitive and don’t mind having it bright all the time, get yourself some yellow/amber tint.

Polarized Lenses

Did I hear someone say “Glare bender”? Guess you’re right! You can call polarized lenses “Shifu” on that when it comes to glare reduction. Sun reflections on snow, metal, glass, water, or anything you can think of. Similarly, a polarized lens has the power of breaking down these reflections and other harsh lights that could distort your vision. Speaking of harsh rays, you can tell that it is among the top features of summer.

Mirrored Lenses

It seems like most activities in summer have something to do with high glare. With mirrored lens tint, you can tell the sun, “You can’t see me, but I can see you!” Generally, these lens tints reduce glare and boost contrast, perfect for bright day activities. Oh! I mean, a perfect match for almost every activity. 

Mirrored lens tints can sometimes be confusing, so check/ask what the base tint is before going for it to know what to expect from the sunglass.

Brown & Red Lens Tint

Zero faint blue rays plus sharp vision; put your trust in these tints. Brown and red tints have it all; boost visual depth, improve contrast, and sharpen your view while keeping your vision intact and healthy under the red sun. They are good options for places where glasses are needed for a long time.

These tints are pretty popular, but these lenses allow more visible light, unlike the celebrity grey lens. For some people, the view through these lens tints on a sunny day is more cheerful than many other tints. So why don’t you try out one and feel what it feels like?

Summer lenses are not always easy to choose from. So what works for me mustn’t work for you. Therefore, decide for yourself, is it grey? Or is it the last brown & red? Get yourself a pair of summer lenses today and enjoy the hot views.

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