Aviator Glasses; What Are They?

Aviator glasses

Aviator Glasses; What Are They?

Aviator glasses have been seen on almost all of our all-time favourite celebrities; Michael Jackson, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and even Tom Cruise from mission impossible. Everybody seems to like this incredible style.

But something keeps bugging me; where did these glasses come from? Every top eyewear brand nowadays has its unique technique of aviator frames. So why aviators? Does that question ring a bell in your mind as well? 

A Brief Origin of Aviator Style of Sunglasses

The initial purpose of every sunglass should be for eye protection against dust, glare, and other elements, so were the aviator sunglasses.

Going back in time during World War I, way before Tom Cruise acted as a pilot in the movie “American made” (where of course, he wore a stunning Aviator sunglass), pilots found it hard to fly high with planes due to the sun’s glare and brightness. So this led to severe eye strain for many senior pilots, nearly costing them their entire vision. But, we can always guarantee that the US has its ways of solving things.

The US Army Air Corps in the 1930s didn’t hesitate to ask for helping hands from its civilians. Bausch and Lomb were among the top optics manufacturers at that time. So, the Army Air Corps collaborated with these geniuses to create sunglasses that would block harsh light from the sun without obstructing their view. As a result, they keep their pilots’ eyes fit, even when flying up high.

The result? A large teardrop-shaped lens covers twice the portion of the eyes and is in line with the cheeks. The aviator style came into existence. Its lenses were green, designed to protect the eyes from harsh sun rays without any obstruction.

In 1937, the unique style went public. However, it was only for the wealthy people as they used these glasses for most outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and golfing.

The World War II Effect

General Douglas MacArthur took this eyewear to a whole new level. Fast forward to World War II. The General was photographed at a beach together with his troops. History has it that he got off his plane while rocking an aviator glasses, as shown in the iconic photograph. This image took a hit and caught the attention of so many people, Hollywood included.

General Douglas MacArthur wearing aviator glasses

After the War

The 1950s was the time that this unique design grew beyond popular. The almighty Ray-Ban began to publicise its tone of aviator eyewear. Customers’ demand grew, and so did the aviator types. Ray-Ban updated its customers with amazing aviator styles like the 1957 Ray-Ban Caravan, a square version of the aviator frame, and some classic military models.

Subsequently, top characters in war, pilot, and many other movies featured this great style. In 1976, Robert De Niro wore the Caravan style of aviator sunglasses in the movie ‘Taxi Driver.’ 

Also, you can’t deny the faces of superstars like Marlon Brando in this unique aviator style. Later in 1986, Tom Cruise featured this fantastic design in the movie ‘Top Gun.’ So, from then, these amazing styles were everywhere. They became as famous and iconic as the individuals wearing them.

The Aviator Design

Different brands have different tones of aviator glasses and lenses that fit. But with all the differences, all aviators originated from a single one. So, they should all contain the following in common:

• A teardrop-shaped lens that is big enough to cover twice the dimensions of the eyes.

• The frames are usually of thin metal; containing a dual bridge

• Its cable style temples can be affixed behind the ears

• The nose pads are adjustable

Best Brands for Aviators

There is barely an eyewear brand that doesn’t have one or several aviator designs; the top brands for this unique design are:


Tom Ford

• Oakley

Sloane & Co


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