Are Polarized Lenses Good For Winter?

Polarized Lenses

Are Polarized Lenses Good For Winter?

We often relate protective glasses or polarized lenses to summer only. Well, probably because the sun hits many hours a day than winter. But hey! That doesn’t mean your eyes are totally safe during winter. Glasses in winter are as essential as they are in summer.

Generally, we don’t usually see the sun in the wintertime as we do in the summer. However, with the bit of time we get with the sun, enough UV rays that can affect our eyes are emitted. Also, the sunlight reflects on snow, water and other materials like metal. Then, these reflections bounce back and can cause serious eye complications. 

Usually, the winter is a cold breeze that contains a lot of debris and other materials that are not safe for your eyes. So you see, one way or another, you do need glasses in winter. But the main question is “What type of glasses are best for this season”? It’s no other than the excellent polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses

They were founded by American scientist and inventor Edwin H. Land in 1936. These lenses contain integral filters that do almost everything to ensure you have the best view through them. Therefore, its primary purpose is to extinguish glare because if glare is minimized, the view looks refined and more comfortable.

These glasses go beyond just that. They further shield the eyes against harmful UV blocking out 100% UV rays. They also sieve out light and safeguard the skin within it.

Who needs a pair of polarized eyewear?

Well, the question should be, “who doesn’t need polarized eyewear?” There is literally no one; everybody needs a pair of these fantastic lenses. Whether you enjoy fishing, diving, or skiing, regardless of what you do, you always want your eyes to be in a safe condition, and polarized lenses do just that.

Advantages of Polarized Eyewear in Winter

  • Blocks out UV rays
  • Minimize colour deformation and provide better vision
  • Shield the eyes from snow blindness
  • Protect the eyes from wind and debris
  • Boost contrast
  • Minimize reflection
  • Eliminates eyestrain

These benefits are enough to make polarize lenses an excellent choice for winter.

Though the sun doesn’t shine as much as it does in summer, it still emits harmful UV rays that cause other eye diseases. UV rays and the sun also reflect on water and snow. So, driving with the sun high above after snowfall or rainfall can be dangerous due to glare. But with a good pair of polarized lenses, you have less UV and glare to worry about. 

Similarly, for those who engage in outdoor activities during the year’s wintertime. Whether skiing, snowboarding, fishing etc., polarized lenses will be helpful. All sorts of damaging wind and debris won’t have access to reach your eyes.

Young, old, male or female, this lens is a good option for everyone. So get yourself a pair of polarized lenses today and have the best experience in winter.

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