Tips on How to Adjust To New Glasses

Adjusting to new glasses

Tips on How to Adjust To New Glasses

Are you a fan of Quavo? Of course, and if you happen to be a fan of glasses, he must be among your favourites. Among many of our favourite celebrities, Quavo is fond of designer eyewear. Different frames, lenses, sizes, and tints.

Wearing different designer glasses requires adjustment because whether you wear them for fashion or medical purposes, there will come a time when you will go for a new one.

Therefore, we will be looking at a few tips on how to adjust to new glasses:

A New Prescription Glasses

On adjusting to new prescription glasses, your eyes need time to adapt. You may experience slight dizziness or feel off-balance for the first few times. Give it a little time, and it will eventually stop.

You are, however, highly advised not to drive for long or engage in strenuous activities for a couple of days after obtaining new prescription glasses. Why not show off how cool your new glasses are to friends and loved ones at that time.

A New Frame

Mistakes happen, right? Your frame may get broken, or you just probably need a taste of a different frame and decide to get a new style. 

There are different ways that different frames sit on your face. Parts of the face that the frame touch may also need some time to adjust. Thus, you experience discomfort when wearing new glasses, especially for the first time.

A New Lens Type

Switching from your day-to-day sunglasses to photochromic or prescription lenses can take weeks for your eyes to adjust. If it’s reading glasses that you are switching to for the first time, know the preferred distance from which you want to place the book or object.

A New Lens, New Frame and New Size

Did you see an entirely new style of glasses on any of your favourite celebrities? Pretty sure you may want to try them over your regular soon. 

Well, frame size and bends are also among what takes quite some time for your face to adjust. So just because it fits your favourite celebrity in 2 days doesn’t mean your face will adapt to it that quickly. Every frame style has a way it settles on different face types.

Adjusting to a new pair of glasses is similar to adapting to new clothes. Anytime you buy a new pair of shoes or a shirt, it takes time before you feel entirely comfortable with how it fits. So, don’t panic when your new glasses don’t feel right on your face; you’ll get to like them better soon.

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