A Brief History Of Sunglasses

history of sunglasses

A Brief History Of Sunglasses

History Of Sunglasses: Sunglasses go way back. They play a vital part in protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays. Therefore, you should never leave your house without your sunglasses. Besides the cool look sunglasses give you, they block your eyes from harmful UV rays. It is one of the world’s most omnipresent fashion accessories, believe it or not. In addition, the earliest sunglasses were worn in primitive times. Let’s take a look at how sunglasses came into being.

The Origin of Sunglasses

Haven’t you ever wondered how sunglasses came about? Or when it was discovered that sunglasses could be this useful? I have a couple of times. I ask questions like:  

  • What is the main reason for creating sunglasses? 
  • Who invented sunglasses?
  • What year did sunglasses come into existence? 

Do you get this curious too? 

You are on the right page; all your questions will be answered here. 

The first sunglasses originated sometime in the 12th century in China. They were made to block out the light from the sun’s rays.

However, the history of sunglasses goes to early tribes in the Arctic; they engraved sunglasses from walrus ivory, leather, woods, or bone to block the glare from the snow and ice. 

Later in the 13th century, these particular goggles were used in Chinese to bury feelings from other people when speaking to them. In addition, the judges in Chinese used these sunglasses to cover their eyes when interrogating witnesses. It also helps hide their feelings when conducting civil services tests and interrogating criminals.

In early 1782, the English optician, designer, and maker of scientific instruments, James Ayscough, invented another form of sunglasses in the contemporary era. The sunglasses he made were the modern ones in the 18th century. The sunglasses were designed with a lens supported by wire and the frame extending over the ear to hold them in place. He believed that developing blue and green-tinted sunglasses could help specific visions, especially colour blindness, and improve poor eyesight.

The modern types of sunglasses surfaced in the early 20th century. They became popular when movie stars began to use them to protect their eyes from studio light. In 1911, Crookes lenses were introduced made from cerium glasses that block ultraviolet light. 

Fast-forward to 1930. 

Subsequently, Life magazine started writing on sunglasses, talking about their functions, protection to our eyes, and even the importance of wearing sunglasses. Then, in 1937 Ray-Ban invented aviator shades to be used by the pilots in the army air corps. But eventually, aviators became stylish across the world for civilians. 

Later in the 1960s, a new investment designing campaign by foster grants company, the comb, and glasses firm, made sunglasses very popular. Finally, in 2017, superstars buried themselves in oversized sunglasses, protecting them from sun rays and for unique fashion as well.

History of top 5 Sunglasses brands

Oliver Peoples

Oliver People is a fashion boutique and department store throughout the world. It came into existence in 1986. The Oliver people’s sunglasses are very affordable to buy. Also, the instrument is good, and you can wear the sunglasses for a maximum of 5 years without them breaking. Oliver peoples’ sunglasses are spotted in a fashion magazine and Hollywood celebrities.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim is the best sunglasses and largest independent sunglasses company globally. These particular sunglasses were invented in Maui beach, Hawaii, in 1980. Additionally, Maui Jim sunglasses are special and unique because they were created mainly to protect your eye from sun rays. Moreover, in the year 2018, the company started selling optical eyewear. The Maui Jim sunglasses have to archive the skin cancer foundation seal of recommendations as an effective UV filter for eyes and skins. The company was the third-largest company in 2015.


This particular brand was founded in 1975, and it has been the brand choice for athletes. Oakley sunglasses started in California, United States, in 1975. It contributes to making vision as sharp, clear, and accurate as possible. Similarly, it has a high-definition optics lens that allows clear, sharper images and prevents dust. So when it comes to outdoors and sports activities, the athletes need sharp optics; they turn to Oakley sunglasses.


Speak of style! Prada sunglasses make your life stylish. The sunglasses hold a high fashion taste. It was designed in 1913 by two brothers, Mario and Martino Prada, in Milan, Italy. These sunglasses instantly heat masses after the launch due to the high level of fashion and uniqueness. Moreover, a pair of Prada sunglasses can change your outfit automatically. Thus, making you look cool and wow.


If you haven’t heard of Rayban, then you’ve been living under a rock, literally. No offence, though. Ray-ban is the number one sunglasses brand in the universe, founded in 1937 and designed for military use. It has influenced eyewear all over the universe. Be it the timeless aviator sunglasses, club master, or wayfarer. Ray -ban sunglasses still make your outfit cool and unique.

Today, the hottest superstars such as David Beckham, Jude Law, Justin Timberlake, and John F. Kenndy wear Rayban sunglasses. In addition, Rayban remains the number one brand in the whole universe despite its competition from other brands.

Sunglasses have played many roles in protecting our eyes from sun rays in today’s world. They aren’t just remarkable for fashion, but they also play an essential role in 

  • reducing colour blindness, 
  • night blindness 
  • Preventing dirt and dust from entering the eyes.
  • And other eye complications. 

All thanks to the early tribes in the arctic. Although their glasses weren’t as modernized and classy as today’s sunglasses, they indeed did a great job by being the first ones to create/design sunglasses.

The sunglasses day is also recognized every 27 of June in the whole universe. In today’s generation, sunglasses are used to spice up our dressing. 

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