8 Best Glasses For Your Kids

Glasses for kids

8 Best Glasses For Your Kids

Are you thinking of getting glasses for your kids? Well, read on.

But Hey! why do babies even need glasses?

Most parents don’t think about their kids needing glasses until they become necessary. Think of homeschooling in front of a digital screen, harsh rays from the sun, sports, and other day-to-day activities that could harm a kid’s eyes.

By putting glasses on babies and toddlers, we sure reduce most of the risks, but we should also be expecting something crazy to happen. Kids are adorable. However, taking care of their stuff can be a complex deal for them to handle. Knowing that, some lovely eyewear brands stepped in and go “Hey Mum, you have nothing to worry about”. Therefore, kids glasses are designed to withstand childhood challenges and reduce any risk for trauma to the face or eye.

Babies and toddlers glasses are recommended based on durability, comfort, protection, and how cute they really are. Here are the best you can go for:

1.Roshambo Baby Shades

Speak of protection! Roshambo baby shades have polarized lenses that guarantee 100% UV protection. Furthermore, these glasses hardly break; they can bend in opposite directions, plus they are shatterproof. That’s quite enough reason for most parents to rave about the Roshambo Baby Shades.


Are you a stylish parent that likes matching outfits with your young ones? Well, this one is for you. The WeeFarers is a mini version of the famous RayBan Original Wayfarer classic. Not only a touch of style, but this glass is also beyond adorable. Its polarized lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. 

3.Baby Banz Sunglasses

If you worry your baby’s glasses are going to slip off your cute baby’s face, then Baby Banz Sunglasses are your go-to. Why? Because the baby Banz sunglasses come with an elastic strap that you can strap around the head to secure the frame from slipping off. These glasses are polarized, block out harsh sun rays, and hardly break. Because of how the company trusts its durability, they give a one-year guarantee to replace them if they break.

4.Real Kids Shades

These shades are ideal sunglasses for toddlers and babies. It blocks out 100% UV is flexible (can be bent in opposite directions), making them hard to break. In addition, they come with an adjustable and removable strap, so you can adjust it to a good fit or remove it. 

5.Outray Kids Retro Rectangle Clear Lens Glasses

Made for children (boys and girls) of ages 3-10, the Kids Retro Rectangle Clear Lens Glasses made by Outray is said to be unbreakable. The frame is made of plastic, and it is incredibly durable and lightweight. In addition, the lenses are polycarbonate and can be swapped with prescription lenses if you wish; more than just for fashion, right?

6.De Ding Kids Flexible Eyeglass

What’s your kid’s favourite colour? Pink, purple, red, orange, blue, black? Well, worry not because de ding kids flexible eyeglass frames come in tons of colours. The frame is made of TR90 material and plastic, making it super-light and durable. Prescription lenses can be attached to these adorable frames if you talk to your kid’s optometrist.


Durable and flexible, don’t think twice. The babiators are 100% rubber, and they hardly break. Also, they offer 100% protection from the sun and comes in different colours and styles that kids would love.

8.Miraflex Kids Eyeglass Frames

Another unbreakable kid’s frame. Miraflex is a fantastic durable glass for children that is entirely free of metal. These glasses resist all the possible child’s play, reducing the risk for any injury to the eye. In addition, they come with an adjustable band to keep the glasses fit on a child’s face.

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